Adventures In Mongolia – Remote Adventures You Haven’t Heard Of

When I disclosed my eagerness to visit Mongolia, I received mixed reaction from friends and families. While FAQs were mostly triggered basis on safety, some of them suggested I take up the arranged tour guides and indulge in the journey. Little did I know how to response, for my initial research of Mongolia had left me overwhelmed with the vast landscape of the country that houses few of the oldest nomadic tribes of the world. No question remained that I sign up with adventures in Mongolia in tight schedules. I wanted to explore the extreme natural landscape at my own pace. The over done Gobi desert or peek a boo Mongolia from the Trans-Siberian railroad did not excite me anymore.

adventures in mongolia

Since I knew I am heading for the remotest corners of the country, I stuffed my bag with innumerable woollen layers and countless batteries and chargers. I felt confident to face whatever situation, forthcoming.

It is not easy life for the ethnic Kazakhs, staying on the far Eastern border of Mongolia that also neighbours with China. They are the last few remaining nomads of Altai region from The Eurasian steppe. You need to experience the unique culture and long preserved way of life that withstood speeding reach of globalisation. Yes of course, the soviet remains of cheap candies, a few satellite dish and few broken jeeps remain scattered here and there. Life is easy and simple for this tribe, to seek the comfort of colder region in summer they hike up to the highland with the horse. Come winter, they will come to settle in the valleys. They are the horseman.

While this constantly moving lifestyle with settled and large full flashed family might seem challenging to you, it is done with elan by the group who also set exemplary instances of hospitality. The hospitality is soaked with culture and rituals that ages back to the primitive era. It is soaked with simpleness, and regional formality what hardly matches with etiquettes taught in my society. And I do not mind for the unprecedented welcome to every open door in vicinity offers enormous help and support, specially when you are away from connectivity for this long.

The joy of living and adventures in Mongolia you are going to face is rampant everywhere. While a punishing winter can take the lives of all your livestock, threatening your means of existence for the rest of the year, the people sile at that, and leave a really happy and simple life with hard work. “Money cannot buy you happiness” the golden words is to live, listen, an experienced here in the valley. It is a way of life here.

With my horse, I rode to the highlands, at times even to the border of China. I stood there to witness the majestic sunset. This was a place with rustic charm, with occasional hello’s by the kids. No One here spoke anything by Kazakh, while Mongolian is taught in the schools.

I have seen eagle flying down to hunt the snake from the ground, right in front of my eyes. In the middle of nowhere. For the whole three weeks, I ate nothing but sheep. Sheep trotters, sheep-head, boiled mostly, with a bit of spices sometimes. And after a day’s ride, I hardly had a mind to think of a question, “how do I eat that?”

The epic horse riding journey for three long weeks have impacted my life in meaningful ways. I am neither the fittest, not the bravest of the lot, and yet I ventured out of my comfort zone to spend a remarkable amount of time with the least known nomadic tribes. In many ways, this country inspired me to live the dream again, to experience all those adventures in Mongolia, to travel and to inspire people. I am more confident now in my pursuit to drive people out of their shelter and explore the unexplored, having good faith in humanity.

Have you been to the wild in Mongolia? How was your experience? Share your adventures in Mongolia for the net time I go back, I shall live your way!

Madhurima Chakraborty

A full time management professional with wanderlust driven soul, Madhurima finds solace in writing as much as exploring new places. A resident of Bangalore, she has essence of Kolkata flowing in her blood. She wants to tick off traveling all the countries of the world, tasting best of sea food from around the globe and collecting a wardrobe full of saris.

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