The Most Famous Road Trip Routes In India

Driving the vast expanse of road trip routes in India could be a real challenge that is rewarding and daunting at the same time. Very few of us has been able to cover the whole of the country at one go.

From the vast paddy fields of Ganges delta to the tea plantation of Munnar, the major tourist hot beds have been well connected with well built road networks. Even the tiring Himalayan terrain has been well connected with widespread roads, courtesy BRO (Border Roads Organization).

We have tried to pick some of the best road trip routes in India you should indulge in now. The rider in you shall be thrilled to hit the road.

Road Trip Routes In India

Golden Triangle

Delhi – the capital of India is well connect with the places of interest near by. The famous Golden Triangle with access to Jaipur in Rajasthan, Taj Mahal in Agra in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi NCR forms a must to be explored area. The highways are well constructed and accommodate multiple tourist cars on a daily basis.

Road Tripping In Arunachal Pradesh

If you have successfully crossed the barrier of ILP (Inner Line Permit) & other permits and zeroed down on one single travel route in Arunachal Pradesh, congratulations! You are ready to take the road to one of the pristine, least explored and most scenic parts of the world. Be careful for the weather forecast and be informed of the multiple checkpoints on the road.

Jammu To Kashmir

A twelve hours drive from the plain land Jammu, to the valley of Kashmir is a memorable and rewarding experience. You will stop multiple times to appreciate the breathtaking mountain ranges. Please note, it remains a conflict zone and expect to see abundance of military.


Often termed as the prime most important area for India Agro scene, thanks to Green Revolution, a drive through Punjab is surprisingly scenic. Watch out for lush green fields as well as prosperous villages dotted with quirky water tanks. Take a break to eat the famous Lassi and Punjabi Paratha’s with white butter, specially if it is winter!

Explore The South

From Chennai to Pondicherry runs a long road named East Coast Road, which in my opinion, happens to be the best road trip of the country. It runs by the side of azure blue Bay of Bengal. However, due to prolonged threats of cyclone during monsoon, plan your trip on the road basis on weather forecast.


One of the most prosperous states of India, Gujarat has risen well banking on the infrastructure. From the Rann of Kutch to the sprawling fields of industrial development and shipment ferry, Gujarat will let you fly high. Do explore the heritage monuments of Gujarat with a vehicle of your own, thus enabling to spend time as you please.


The state has few of the best constructed road, often stretching beyond the realm of regular Baga and Calangute crowd. Explore South Goa where the roads run by the side of prolonged Arabian sea.

The Road trip routes in India comes with the perks of highways being dotted with dhaba’s preparing and serving the best of fresh and local cuisine. While exploring the North East, I have feasted on the best of Assamese thali’s while the Munnar roads have been complimented by freshly brewed coffee of the Nilgiri mountains.

Just carry fast aid medicine since finding an emergency medical treatment could be a bar. Also carry enough water, fill up whenever you get a petrol pump in near vicinity and do not get involved in local feast fights. Drink and drive is a punishable offense on Indian highways, hence refrain from the act.

Be a bit careful with the heavy trucks carrying loads of “Maal” and you are good to go.

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